SMPS Power Supply

SMPS or switched-mode power supply or known as switcher is a power supply that utilizes switching regulator to make it more efficient.

SMPS power supply just like backup power supply actually transfers power from a main source to any type of electrical equipment such as your computer. Both somehow convert the voltage and current passing through for various reasons. Backup power supply acts as a storage power supply for backup in case power outages occur. SMPS power supply plays a more complex and yet important role. Its main goalis to efficiently regulate the output voltage different from the input voltage.

There are many benefits from using SMPS power supply.

1. It reduces energy wasted.  Just like backup power supply, SMPS power supply work on making sure that it can be as efficient by having the ability to minimize wasted energy thus giving off less heat.

2. Lightweight and Smaller in Size.  Unlike linear regulators, SMPS power supply are made in our desire for a smaller and more lightweight power supply. We use SMPS regulators when we need higher efficiency.

3. Lesser Noise.  If made properly, it will not cause any electrical noise problems. If it does, it may be a clue that your SMPS is not working the way it should.

One of the SMPS power supplies in Amazon is the Nady SMPS-1XPhantom Power Supply. It is cheaper and provides 48V DC phantom power for condenser mics. It also has balanced XLR mic inputs and outputs to connect in-line with your mic and mixer. There is also low noise full-frequency response so that it won’t make any undesirable noise. It looks solid and feels sturdy with an all-metal housing with LED indicator to give you clues on what is going on with the switcher. Also it has an on/off power switch.

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