CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 9-Outlet UPS

We all have our own priorities when it comes to buying stuff. When buying a UPS or an uninterruptible power supply, the first thing that is most important to me is that hopefully I’ll get to buy a product that could save me so many things like money, power, energy, effort, and space. I guess I’m just a saver type of person. Anyway, other features are also very important. Of course, the primary reason why I needed to buy a UPS is because I had to make sure that I get enough power to keep my computer or my other devices running for a few minutes during black outs.

It is extremely important to me to buy a UPS since I work at home on my desktop. These days balck outs happen more frequently, I guess because we get storms many times a year or maybe earth is losing power sources. Anyway, in this light, I needed to make sure that my files or the things that I am doing on my computer are saved before my computer runs off. Most of all, I do believe that certain errors or computer issues happen when devices such as these are not turned off properly. I forget to tell that I also wanted to save my computer equipment from electrical damages caused by power surges or power spikes which may happen unnoticed. I needed a device which will protect my computer from this. I didn’t want to spend dollars just for computer repairs or replacements. They can cost me more than when I bought it.


The CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 9-Outlet Intelligent LCD UPS (1000VA/600W) performs most of these important functionalities and even more. This UPS is a good backup power supply, detects and protects devices from power surges and has EMI/RFI filters. It has a greenpower UPS technology that minimizes the amount of power energy used and wasted compared to an ordinary UPS. It also has an automatic voltage regulation system that will monitor the amount of voltage coming in a device so that over-voltage issues are prevented. Part of this UPS features is its Power Panel Management Software which is a computer application that can give the user more information about the UPS load and battery, the device being monitored and more. This is extremely important for users who are tech savvies who wanted to get more information about how the UPS works.

The physical attributes of this UPS is probably the most attractive extended gadget. This UPS is too light compared to other common UPS there is. It is light and good-looking which can be placed on your table or desktop next to your computer. It reduces the amount of heat produced by the UPS. This is probably the most good-looking UPS there is. It has an LCD display which will give the main numbers or minutes of estimated run time, voltage from the outlet, battery capacity and more. These are real-time information from the UPS. At the back panel of the UPS, you have 9 outlets, RJ11 and RJ45 for phone, fax, and other ethernet connections. It has coax connections for cable tv, satellite and cable modem. As a whole, this UPS is a good device which job is to protect your system, save stuff and even condition your dynamic lines.

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