Backup Power Supply

Want to efficiently monitor your electrical consumption and your electrical bill? Are you working at home on your computer? Are you living in a place where electricity is scarce and sudden power outage happen? Get a hold of a backup power supply or we also call UPS or uninterruptible power supply.

Some people have thought about buying a backup power supply but they always have second thoughts until they found themselves in worse situations.

Purchase a backup power supply and avoid suffering from one of the following electrical problems and effects:

Sudden Power Outage
Power Surges
Computer Problems
Electrical Device Problems
High Electrical Consumption
Unsaved Computer Files
Increased Electrical Bill

The bulleted information above are some of the things you can avoid if you have a backup power supply inside your house or office. These are the reasons why you need a UPS. Enjoy even more benefits and UPS features if you have a backup power supply.

Here two different backup power supply that have distinct features:


The leading provider of uninterruptible power supply is APC. Here is one example of an APC made UPS. This APC has received positive feedbacks from customers. It can last for years and includes many features. Check out the APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V features and benefits.
CyberPower UPS

CyberPower UPS

The CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 9-Outlet UPS is probably the most user-friendly device there is. CyberPower has made UPS more like a desktop device which you can display beautifully beside your electrical devices. It has an LCD screen where you can see information about the UPS and more.

Other Types of Power Supplies are:

SMPS Power Supply – appropriate for those users who require small, highly efficient and lesser electrical noise power supply which produces minimized wasted energy.

Adjustable Power Supply– used to manually adjust voltage and current.

Why Buy a Backup Power Supply?

The world that we are living in right now is mostly made of machines. We are dependent on machines, while machines depend on electricity or power. From households to offices, everyone needs power to run their machines or electronic devices. However, certain electrical problems such as brown outs or black outs and power surges may damage our machines not to mention our job. What do we need to address these types of electricity problems? Obviously, we would have to create something that will provide power whenever black outs happen or maybe a power regulator to manage the amount of voltage coming in our household’s electrical system. We need a backup power supply to provide temporary power when these electrical problems occur. In this light, we all need backup power supply also known as UPS or “uninterruptible power supply” as an emergency power source for our machines.

To understand more about the importance of UPS or backup power source, this article will explain and enumerate a few reasons why you should buy a UPS. You may have to read this if you care about your computer or other equipment you have.

First of all, computers are fragile. In that case, power surges and black outs would definitely damage the inner system of a computer. I have encountered people who have thought about buying a UPS but decided not to, but as soon as they experienced a voltage spike they realized how important it is to have UPS that is also a surge protector. UPS aren’t really expensive, to me repairing damaged parts on a computer is more time-consuming and money-wasting. The best solution is prevention. Prevent power surges from damaging your computer by purchasing a less expensive device like a UPS that would protect them.

Another most important thing is the value of making sure that you are uninterrupted with whatever you are doing with your machine and at the same time making sure that your electrical devices are properly turned off when not in used. During black outs, the usual scenario is that you’re doing something on your computer, blackout came in and then computer turns off without warning. You are interrupted with what you are doing, unable to save your documents, and have not properly turned off the computer which will again damage it. These happens most of the time in many houses, worst is if you have your own workplace inside your house that relies on electrical devices—you’ll be suffering because of the files lost during blackouts. This is the reason why large companies have large backup power supply to protect their files and to keep their business running.

UPS or Backup Power Supply Functionality

Through the years, backup batteries have had added more functionality and features due to a more advanced electronic devices to support. I will discuss a few or a list of functionalities that are available in most markets today. Although, there are added functionalities, there are also a few issues but rarely happens and in the midst of being resolved.

One of the newly-added features added to these backup power supplies is its greener or eco-friendly attribute. Most of the new backup power supplies are easily disposable to the environment and completely not harmful to nature. Most buyers are attracted to these types of UPS. The thing is these eco-friendly UPS are cheaper since manufacturers use recycled elements during the process of creating the battery.

Other backup battery power supply also has the capability of saving power which will give you a lesser amount to pay for your electricity bill.

They are also very easy to install, it’s almost like a plug and play backup power supply. Some of these UPS comes with software that would give more functionality for the battery. It will give the user more options on how to use the battery. Such as to enable alarm sounds or not and more. The most convenient and coolest thing about this software installation is its ability to give you a log file on the batteries performance. In a way, it will also give you the amount of current passing in and out of your home system. Hence, you will know when a power surge or a blackout has happened. It will also tell you what the UPS did when power problems occur. A certain percentage is also posted as to how much more power a battery has and how long it will last to support your equipment.

Be aware of certain problems on the UPS software though, as it has been reported to have some issues with a few Microsoft windows operating system or it may not work on a certain type of computer.

Be sure to buy a backup battery model that suits your equipment. It would mostly depend on the load of equipment. Try researching to the backup batteries’ manufacturer’s website to learn more about which model of a UPS would fit your equipment to avoid damaging your equipment or having installation problems. Some websites do have their own online wizards to assist their buyers on which model of their products would best fit for their customer. In choosing a UPS model, certain factors are important such as: computer model and brand, equipment model and brand, size of device, peripherals attached to the device or your personal computer for example such as USB and others. Also there are technical support hotlines that would be happy to answer your questions about their UPS. It helps to do a little research online and ask people about their own experiences. Although, sometimes it helps to stick to your own judgment about the product because there are times when a product would not work for a certain customer but would surprisingly work on you. Trust your instincts. Weigh the product’s features against its price. Lastly, know what you want and need.

APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V

The APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V is one of the most recommended uninterruptible power supply. An uninterruptible power supply is like a rechargeable battery that can provide enough power to a personal computer or to a whole building.

It is somehow disturbing when black outs happen and you are in the middle of working on something on your computer. If there is a black out we fail to save an important document on our computer. Another thing is that certain parts of the computer will be affected by the black out and it might destroy these parts. It is advisable to turn-off a computer immediately to avoid damaging its parts.

Let us discuss some of the best features of this product. This particular APC product is not just an ordinary rechargeable battery. It is also a power surge protector and a power saver.


Electrical power surges in our house may also affect any devices that are connected to an outlet. Computers are highly-sensitive devices and sudden change of power current might also damage some parts of the computer.

The APC UPS can track even the slightest change of power current that are passing through it. We fail to recognize that power surges or power outs happened but the UPS can track electrical power activities. In fact, the APC UPS, if you wanted to be specific about how it exactly works actually have a certain tracking software that is included in the package when you buy an APC UPS. This software tracks power surges, black outs, battery charging, remaining power the battery can supply, and it can also give an estimation about how much power a certain device will need. It will also give you the time and the percentage about power consumption and power available.

An additional feature is placed on this product. This UPS is an eco-friendly UPS. Not only can it save the amount of money you need to pay for your house’s electrical bill but it also save mother earth since it can be recharged and reuse. This UPS functions in a way that the power it consumes is not too little or not too much. It automatically resumes charging when battery is low and refrains when battery is full.

Most UPS have very complicated software configuration and device installation. However, the APC backup power device is a plug and play device. Anyone can configure the APC product even if you think you are not a technical person. You can also be taught using a manual on how to change some settings on the device to personalize the device.

Over-all it is an efficient product. It does all of its functionalities very well and it gives you other options and easy set-up.

CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 9-Outlet UPS

We all have our own priorities when it comes to buying stuff. When buying a UPS or an uninterruptible power supply, the first thing that is most important to me is that hopefully I’ll get to buy a product that could save me so many things like money, power, energy, effort, and space. I guess I’m just a saver type of person. Anyway, other features are also very important. Of course, the primary reason why I needed to buy a UPS is because I had to make sure that I get enough power to keep my computer or my other devices running for a few minutes during black outs.

It is extremely important to me to buy a UPS since I work at home on my desktop. These days balck outs happen more frequently, I guess because we get storms many times a year or maybe earth is losing power sources. Anyway, in this light, I needed to make sure that my files or the things that I am doing on my computer are saved before my computer runs off. Most of all, I do believe that certain errors or computer issues happen when devices such as these are not turned off properly. I forget to tell that I also wanted to save my computer equipment from electrical damages caused by power surges or power spikes which may happen unnoticed. I needed a device which will protect my computer from this. I didn’t want to spend dollars just for computer repairs or replacements. They can cost me more than when I bought it.


The CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD 9-Outlet Intelligent LCD UPS (1000VA/600W) performs most of these important functionalities and even more. This UPS is a good backup power supply, detects and protects devices from power surges and has EMI/RFI filters. It has a greenpower UPS technology that minimizes the amount of power energy used and wasted compared to an ordinary UPS. It also has an automatic voltage regulation system that will monitor the amount of voltage coming in a device so that over-voltage issues are prevented. Part of this UPS features is its Power Panel Management Software which is a computer application that can give the user more information about the UPS load and battery, the device being monitored and more. This is extremely important for users who are tech savvies who wanted to get more information about how the UPS works.

The physical attributes of this UPS is probably the most attractive extended gadget. This UPS is too light compared to other common UPS there is. It is light and good-looking which can be placed on your table or desktop next to your computer. It reduces the amount of heat produced by the UPS. This is probably the most good-looking UPS there is. It has an LCD display which will give the main numbers or minutes of estimated run time, voltage from the outlet, battery capacity and more. These are real-time information from the UPS. At the back panel of the UPS, you have 9 outlets, RJ11 and RJ45 for phone, fax, and other ethernet connections. It has coax connections for cable tv, satellite and cable modem. As a whole, this UPS is a good device which job is to protect your system, save stuff and even condition your dynamic lines.

Adjustable Power Supply

You have the UPS or the uninterruptible power supply or best known as backup power supply which will provide you with power during power outages.

You have the SMPS or the switched-mode power supply which is created if you require a small,lightweight and highly efficient power supply. This is simply called as the switcher.

Linear power supplies such as the adjustable power supply posted above can be less efficient as an SMPS. However,SMPS setup is quite more complex compared to an adjustable power supply. Adjustable power supply as much bigger and may create electrical noises.

We have another type of power supply this time. We have the adjustable power supply.

The main purpose of an adjustable power supply is to give the user the ability to adjust outputs with variable controls for both current and volateg outputs.

Most power supplies look similar. Just like the others, the adjustable power supply has LCD displays to provide the user statistics and the current voltage and current reading which is extremely helpful in monitoring the power supply box. It should be accurate like the Mastech Variable DC Power Supply picture above. It reads out accurate readings.

Its volatage knob is also highly efficient and accurate since there is no need to use any fine knobs to accurately place the correct voltage unlike other power supplies.However, there is indeed a fine knob to give you other options just in case.

As a whole, it is highly stable, high quality linear power supply with its output continuously adjustable.

SMPS Power Supply

SMPS or switched-mode power supply or known as switcher is a power supply that utilizes switching regulator to make it more efficient.

SMPS power supply just like backup power supply actually transfers power from a main source to any type of electrical equipment such as your computer. Both somehow convert the voltage and current passing through for various reasons. Backup power supply acts as a storage power supply for backup in case power outages occur. SMPS power supply plays a more complex and yet important role. Its main goalis to efficiently regulate the output voltage different from the input voltage.

There are many benefits from using SMPS power supply.

1. It reduces energy wasted.  Just like backup power supply, SMPS power supply work on making sure that it can be as efficient by having the ability to minimize wasted energy thus giving off less heat.

2. Lightweight and Smaller in Size.  Unlike linear regulators, SMPS power supply are made in our desire for a smaller and more lightweight power supply. We use SMPS regulators when we need higher efficiency.

3. Lesser Noise.  If made properly, it will not cause any electrical noise problems. If it does, it may be a clue that your SMPS is not working the way it should.

One of the SMPS power supplies in Amazon is the Nady SMPS-1XPhantom Power Supply. It is cheaper and provides 48V DC phantom power for condenser mics. It also has balanced XLR mic inputs and outputs to connect in-line with your mic and mixer. There is also low noise full-frequency response so that it won’t make any undesirable noise. It looks solid and feels sturdy with an all-metal housing with LED indicator to give you clues on what is going on with the switcher. Also it has an on/off power switch.