APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V

The APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V is one of the most recommended uninterruptible power supply. An uninterruptible power supply is like a rechargeable battery that can provide enough power to a personal computer or to a whole building.

It is somehow disturbing when black outs happen and you are in the middle of working on something on your computer. If there is a black out we fail to save an important document on our computer. Another thing is that certain parts of the computer will be affected by the black out and it might destroy these parts. It is advisable to turn-off a computer immediately to avoid damaging its parts.

Let us discuss some of the best features of this product. This particular APC product is not just an ordinary rechargeable battery. It is also a power surge protector and a power saver.


Electrical power surges in our house may also affect any devices that are connected to an outlet. Computers are highly-sensitive devices and sudden change of power current might also damage some parts of the computer.

The APC UPS can track even the slightest change of power current that are passing through it. We fail to recognize that power surges or power outs happened but the UPS can track electrical power activities. In fact, the APC UPS, if you wanted to be specific about how it exactly works actually have a certain tracking software that is included in the package when you buy an APC UPS. This software tracks power surges, black outs, battery charging, remaining power the battery can supply, and it can also give an estimation about how much power a certain device will need. It will also give you the time and the percentage about power consumption and power available.

An additional feature is placed on this product. This UPS is an eco-friendly UPS. Not only can it save the amount of money you need to pay for your house’s electrical bill but it also save mother earth since it can be recharged and reuse. This UPS functions in a way that the power it consumes is not too little or not too much. It automatically resumes charging when battery is low and refrains when battery is full.

Most UPS have very complicated software configuration and device installation. However, the APC backup power device is a plug and play device. Anyone can configure the APC product even if you think you are not a technical person. You can also be taught using a manual on how to change some settings on the device to personalize the device.

Over-all it is an efficient product. It does all of its functionalities very well and it gives you other options and easy set-up.

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