Adjustable Power Supply

You have the UPS or the uninterruptible power supply or best known as backup power supply which will provide you with power during power outages.

You have the SMPS or the switched-mode power supply which is created if you require a small,lightweight and highly efficient power supply. This is simply called as the switcher.

Linear power supplies such as the adjustable power supply posted above can be less efficient as an SMPS. However,SMPS setup is quite more complex compared to an adjustable power supply. Adjustable power supply as much bigger and may create electrical noises.

We have another type of power supply this time. We have the adjustable power supply.

The main purpose of an adjustable power supply is to give the user the ability to adjust outputs with variable controls for both current and volateg outputs.

Most power supplies look similar. Just like the others, the adjustable power supply has LCD displays to provide the user statistics and the current voltage and current reading which is extremely helpful in monitoring the power supply box. It should be accurate like the Mastech Variable DC Power Supply picture above. It reads out accurate readings.

Its volatage knob is also highly efficient and accurate since there is no need to use any fine knobs to accurately place the correct voltage unlike other power supplies.However, there is indeed a fine knob to give you other options just in case.

As a whole, it is highly stable, high quality linear power supply with its output continuously adjustable.

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